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Accounting & Assurance

At Laydon and Company, LLC, our team has established a strong tradition and reputation for having the accounting and audit expertise to serve our clients’ unique business needs. We … More

Tax Compliance

Navigating today’s business and personal tax environment requires professionals who can help you comply with increasingly complex regulations while also minimizing their impact. … More

Litigation Support

Individuals and businesses face a rising wave of costly lawsuits and complex business disputes. In this increasingly hostile environment, Laydon and Company’s highly experienced … More

Forensic Investigations

The forensic accounting experts at Laydon and Company combine their knowledge of accounting with investigative skills to both prevent and detect fraud. In addition to being … More


Your most important tool for business success is sound financial management with a focus on overall profitability. Enterprises with great potential fail every year due to lack of a … More

Financial, Estate & Tax Planning

Financial planning Building and preserving your personal wealth requires specialized attention. We give you one-on-one guidance and a comprehensive financial plan that helps … More

Specialized Industries

Medical / Dental Practices

Laydon and Company has extensive experience with clients in the healthcare industry, including medical and dental practices ranging in size from sole practitioner to multi-provider … More

Private Clubs

The demands of managing a private club are constantly increasing. Your time is at a premium as you work to enhance your members’ club experience while controlling expenses and … More