Litigation Support

Individuals and businesses face a rising wave of costly lawsuits and complex business disputes. In this increasingly hostile environment, Laydon and Company’s highly experienced professionals work with attorneys, delivering high-level, comprehensive and timely litigation support services.

As part of the legal team, our professionals contribute insights and clarity to counsel. We work with attorneys to help them more fully understand the financial data gathered in a case, determine what additional data needs to be collected, and then analyzing the data collected. Attorneys have relied on Laydon and Company for our expertise and honest evaluation of the financial merits of a case.

We assist in theory development, discovery, assessments of risk and damages exposure. We analyze complex financial, accounting and tax issues and deliver results in a clear manner easily understood by the courts and judiciary. Our analyses also help counsel assess the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing party’s positions.

We provide expert witness testimony, assist in developing questions and answers for interrogatories and depositions of witnesses, and evaluate settlement proposals and potential judge or jury verdicts.

Our professionals work both as consulting experts and expert witnesses. As consulting experts, we work “behind the scenes” for an attorney. Our work becomes part of the attorneys work and is subject to the attorney-client privilege. In this role we act as consultants to an attorney. As expert witnesses, we work to develop opinions based upon the facts of a case and offer those opinions in written reports and expert witness testimony. As expert an expert witness, our work product is generally subject to discovery by opposing attorneys.

Laydon and Company provides litigation support services in various types of litigation including:

Family Law

Shareholder Disputes

Economic Damages / Lost Profit Claims