About Our Firm

Laydon and Company, LLC is a full service certified public accounting and consulting firm, which provides services to both individuals and businesses. Laydon and Company was formed in 2000 by Elmer A. Laydon, CPA. After having been in the profession for over 16 years Elmer had come to the realization that the focus in many firms had shifted away from the needs of their clients to an emphasis on their own “bottom-line”. Elmer had always felt that client service has to remain the first and foremost need that an accounting firm has to meet and from this the “bottom-line” would take care of itself. Elmer has dedicated himself and his firm to providing the highest quality services at reasonable rates. Elmer wants everyone of the firm’s clients to feel as if they are the firm’s only client.

Laydon and Company’s individual services include tax, financial, retirement and estate planning as well as charitable giving program design. We provide accounting and tax services to all types of for-profit and not-for-profit entities including C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and estates and trusts.

Laydon and Company professionals have backgrounds with Big 5 international, regional and local accounting firms. This experience provides our forward thinking advisors with a solid background that is needed to help individuals and businesses prosper financially.

Laydon and Company professionals are trained to be proactive rather than reactive, to anticipate the future results of actions taken today, and to think outside the box by coming up with unique and fresh strategies when dealing with your financial, tax and accounting concerns.

For more information about how Laydon and Company, LLC can help you, please call Elmer A. Laydon, CPA.